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The Greatest Life Lesson I’ve Ever Learned

Posted in - Life on May 24th 2010 21 Comments Beam of light dawning on a person

This great lesson has been quietly simmering in my head for years. Now it’s time to divulge possibly the greatest lesson about relationships, happiness, wealth, success – life in general – that I’ve ever discovered.

In my Big Talk Training Course, I uncovered the secret to confident socializing, overcoming shyness, beating loneliness, and deeply connecting …

How to Sleep Better at Night – Knockout Upon Hitting the Pillow

Posted in - Health on October 10th 2009 9 Comments Drunk man asleep on bench

I use to be an awful sleeper. Some nights mornings I’d drink caffeine before going to bed. I’d work or play the latest computer game through the night and hit the sack when normal people were getting up for work.

I’d sleep good for a week, but then it came to Friday or Saturday nights. I’d …