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Does the Smolov Squat Routine Work? My Final Results

Posted in - Health on April 2nd 2012 2 Comments

This is the final update for my Smolov squat routine. It’s taken me a while to update because I skipped a month (more on that soon) and was slow to write this post.

I choose the Smolov routine as a test to improve the weight I squat having been stuck on 100kg (220lb) for two years …

7 Tips to Recover Fast From Training to Double Your Results (Plus Smolov Squat Experience Update 2)

Posted in - Health on October 15th 2011 1 Comments

The Smolov squat cycle is the toughest training program I’ve done to date. Squats are simply brutal because they hit every big muscle in the body. Combine that with 2 days between heavy squats and you get lifts with sore muscles.

Training breaks down muscle tissue. Recovery is where 95% of your time is spent and …

How to Sleep Better at Night – Knockout Upon Hitting the Pillow

Posted in - Health on October 10th 2009 9 Comments Drunk man asleep on bench

I use to be an awful sleeper. Some nights mornings I’d drink caffeine before going to bed. I’d work or play the latest computer game through the night and hit the sack when normal people were getting up for work.

I’d sleep good for a week, but then it came to Friday or Saturday nights. I’d …