5 Tips to Kickass at Tough Mudda

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If you love to challenge yourself or cooperate with friends, I highly recommend you get to a Tough Mudda event. See the one I entered in the below video:

I went to Tough Mudda on the 18th of August in 2013 held at the Sunshine Coast. It was my first time doing any challenge event of this style. A few bruises, scars, and good memories later, I have 5 tips to help you get the most out of Tough Mudda:

  1. Train for it! Use amazing training apps on your smartphone like Endomondo. I think you enjoy the course a lot more if you get through it without seeing the Grim Reaper. Use the event not only as a challenge, but as something to work towards. I chuckled when fellow muddas had to walk after the first challenge. One guy was also on the ground cramping up. You’ll be fine if you can run 10km. If you can run 6km in 32 minutes (like myself), you’ll do the course in under 3hrs.
  2. 50% of the battle is your footwear. You trudge through mud every 500 meters constantly running over uneven terrain. My shoes filled with sediment effectively increasing the size of my feet. The top of my right foot got severely bruised from this added pressure. I doubt anything can be done about the sediment other than regularly stopping to empty your shoes. Wear old shoes but make sure they’re comfortable. Keep your socks light. Tape up your laces with electrical tape as the mud will suck your shoes off.
  3. When you enter the venue, draw your competitor number on your forehead and sides of both arms. After the event they try to tag you in professional photos, but only if they can see your number. We got told this at the start line – a little late.
  4. Do it with friends. It’s more fun that way. If you want to push yourself, get friends on a similar fitness level.
  5. Use sunscreen. You’ll feel sh** enough after the event without sunburn. Mud will cover your body for most of the event leaving you to feel like a reptile. A few skin patches can still be exposed. I got sunburned on my shoulders and back of my neck.
Me and younger brother Matt (@LittleUberGiant) after the event. I missed a spot in the shower.
Me and younger brother Matt (@LittleUberGiant) after the event. I missed a spot in the shower.

I’ll be going again in 2014.

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