Brisbane and Ipswich Floods: Rescue Attempts, Floating Statues, and Hope


My only two home towns of the last 16 years, Ipswich and Brisbane, were hit by 20 meter flood levels beginning on the 11th of January 2011.

Thank goodness, I’m fine. I’m lucky to be living on a hill like other family.

Thousands of Queenslanders and friends weren’t so fortunate. The death count is at 20 and as many people are reported missing. The financial damage is also sad with $12.7 billion needed to repair the damaged Queensland, the North-East state of Australia. It’s the most destruction I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Friends rescuing neighbors from the floods
Friends rescuing a crippled neighbor from the floods. The bald fella always wanted a mention on this blog so his rescue efforts get him just that.

The blame-game has started with estimations that the “natural disaster” could’ve been prevented if more water was released from a major dam two days before the flooding.

Wivenhoe dam being released at 194% capacity. Thanks to @Michael_Usher
Wivenhoe dam being released at 194% capacity. Thanks to @Michael_Usher

It’s not all gloom and doom. We’re Australians.

I’m surprised by the compassion of Queenslanders. It took me 3 hours to get through the city on Saturday (to help the clean up in Ipswich) because 10,000+ volunteers were on their way to help others recover. Riding on the recently-recovered trains I hear strangers talking with one another like friends.

King Wally at Suncorp Stadium ready to go under! Thanks to @mackiemarsellos.
King Wally at Suncorp Stadium ready to go under! Thanks to @mackiemarsellos.

Not all sporting locations were ready to go under:

Auchenflower basketball stadium flooded
My beloved basketball stadium I play at weekly. Up for a game of pool basketball?

To Help

If you want to help, please donate through the Queensland Government. Even one dollar helps.

For More Info have covered the floods very well with pictures and videos from social media sites Twitter and YouTube. Read this post for a comprehensive update.

Checkout these amazing before and after shots from ABC News. Slide your mouse over the images to see the impact of the floods.


Watch on a boat as a news reporter surveys the damage and interviews victims who maintain a positive attitude.

Our Go Between Bridge refuses to let boats go between it and the water. Epic ownage.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

28/01/2013 Update: Two years since these floods, the state has been hit by another flood. Places like Colleges Crossing literally had redevelopment completed one month ago only to be flooded again. It’s not as bad as the last floods. Still horrific for the families and businesses hit twice in two years.

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  • Remembering you and the people of these towns in my prayers….

  • I empathize with you all but I am sure you will TOWER over it all cos’ you are Australians.


    Muchiri Wachira,


  • Dearly Beloved,

    Very proud of you Australians when I saw the pictures on TV how you were boldly challenging the disasters of the floods last week especially your esteemed Foreign Minister who was peacefully walking in the flood water in Brisbane with a big suitcase on his head. Jesus be with yourself and all the Australians.

  • I was very sad but the only thing I can do from here(Iran) is to pray sincerely for all the people there.May God help my brothers and sisters there.

  • I don’t know how to say, but I hope God will give you the power to overcome this disaster, countries may become stronger after disasters, even among community this may create more unity and synergy, ofcourse it is not a good news to be under disaster but I hope for you better life after that.

    We feel sorry and Sad for the victims of the flood.

    God with you

    Eiman M. Musa

  • It’s very unfortunate for you people.But I pray that God will take control of the situation.

  • i really love the way you australians are handling the flood disasters.that is important for survival.thats not an easy situation to be in or to be part of .Hope things improve with time in my thoughts

  • Joshua my sympathy to to you all. It is my humble prayer that God will see u through this trying moment.

  • Joshua my heartfelt sympathy to all those comrades who fought the battle with nature and tried to rescue them 😥

  • I’m deeply sorry for writing late and i hope you had the strength to go through it.

  • ‘m 🙁 🙁

  • Hi Dear Joshua

    I saw on TV that Australia’s economy booms, thank God and I praise Him & you. However, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your very helpful stimuli you have been sending me may be since 4 years ago through your e mails which have been very effective and influential from family and office view points. Actually, I sternly feel your magnetism both consciously and unconsciously. Congratulations for your all successes and the fulfilled life.
    Sincerely Victor

  • Victor, virgeodle… everyone… Awesome to hear from you. Thanks for your kind comments.

    My thoughts are with our NZ neighbours at the moment. Almost x20 more lives taken than the floods during the Christchurch earthquake. *Insert profanity here*!

  • i am sorry that i couldn’t sympathise or mourn with you in those hard times where prayer and faith is the best medicine i think, but i am really sorry for the loss but am greatful that atleast you are one of the survivers maybe its because you are such and inspiration to many people’s life and it was not worth it to loose a legend like you not saying others deserved to die, may their soul rest in peace.

    wish you all the best ever. Polile

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